Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thank You Chicago Gluten-Free White Sox Fans!

Wow!  We had a great event at the Celiac and Gluten Intolerance Awareness Night, White Sox post-game event.  Even though the Sox lost the game to Tampa, gluten-free attendees who visited Gluten-Free Calendar's event walked away with big smiles.  Thanks also goes out to Chandice for being the "host with the most" and to all the Gluten-Free Calendar girls for their support.

Being gluten-free does not have to come between you and baseball.  The White Sox Cellular One Field folks and also Bacardi in the Park had many yummy gluten-free options that night.  Proceeds from ticket sales also went to the University of Chicago, Celiac Research Center!

I was so happy to sign my book, The Gluten Glitch, for all you little White Sox fans that stopped by my booth.  I hope you liked Gideon's gluten-free story and could relate to a fun character that has to eat gluten-free, just like you!

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