Favorite Restaurants

When out and about with the kids and we HAVE to eat:
Please ask your server to change their gloves, always!!

- They provide great allergen-free menus
- Even the famous ribs are gluten-free! (original only)

   - All meats are milk, egg, and gluten free
   - The white, 9-grain and wheat breads have no egg/milk
   - If going gluten free, we wrap veggies of choice in meat, dip in oil/v, or any "safe" sauce of your choice
   - Beware: the chicken strips and meatballs contain wheat and egg

   - burrito bowl, with rice, either black/pinto beans, and
     grilled chicken (gluten, milk and egg free) - In fact, all their meats are gf)
   - add mild pico... even my 6 year old loves it!

Burger King:
I know, I know... this is all fast food, but hey! I have 2 boys... and they sometimes need a burger!
   - dedicated GF fryer for french fries
   - buns have no milk or egg

   - we have not confirmed a GF fryer, although they do fry separately and my son has not  had a reaction to the new natural-cut fries with sea-salt
   - burger buns now contain dairy - they put butter on the buns

Please stop eating the french fries at McDonald's if you are
allergic to milk/wheat, or are vegan!