Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summertime Blues

Food Allergy Summertime Blues
Well, I should have written this in the beginning of summer, but here we are now, half-way through and I’m writing because I am tired of the picnics and parties and food, food, food!!
Everyone knows that there is Memorial Day, The 4th, Labor Day and everything in between during the summertime.  And it all revolves around food.  For most people, this is a time to indulge, but for food allergy warriors, it is a time to do the ho-hum usual:

-          Enjoy something that is not quite like the original
-          Focus on fruits and veggies
-          Redirect with activities like a new coloring book, or table game

I do this with my little ones all through summer and it gets old.  My oldest decided to put his foot down and try ice cream… with days of funky stomach and rash issues that we won’t go into.  My youngest is tired of the same old gluten-free cookies and popsicles for treats and I’m sick of it too.

But here we are pushing the negative in the food allergy world, when at the end of the day we survive by pushing positive… all day long!  And that’s ok. 

Our kids need for us to say the, “I know that’s a bummer, but you’ll feel better if you don’t” and the “I’ll bake you something just like that at home!” (Not even close as you think to yourself)… and even the “But these are a new type of popsicle!”  The consistency and encouragement count… every day!

So when you, like me, are facing another bbq backyard picnic with your little food allergy warriors...
Eat ahead of time, and instead of having the family head straight to the buffet table, take time to scope out the decorations, or say hi to the pets, or start playing some of the party games.  Remember that food doesn’t always have to be the focus for our little ones.