Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween is Here!

Happy Halloween my little food allergy warriors! This is a special time of year for many kids, but for food allergic children, Halloween can be a sad time, since many of the candy is unsafe and unfit to eat. My little ones have the peanut, milk, egg and gluten allergy. This means I am extra careful about what they can have. I also like to think outside the "candy" box and look for treats that don't need to be eaten.

Pencils/erasers, stickers/tattoos, bracelets and stretchy skeletons... you name it, they sell it. Most of the kids that come to the door get so excited that the big bowl has everything, but candy! Get creative with your kids about trick-or-treating as well. Let them go door-to-door, let them get all the candy, good and bad, and when you come home... that is when the trading happens.

You see, my husband and I are peanut and chocolate lovers, and we're not allergic either. So to snag some of that wonderful candy, which of course should not go into the trash can, my husband and I trade with the kids. Safe Halloween goodies (I usually buy some extra special things that are not in the front door treat bowl), for that good old fashioned Reeses, and Snickers, and these wonderful little bars called "Take 5" that I just have to have.

So with all the different kinds of treats out there, whether they are to eat or not, food allergy warriors can still have a fabulous Halloween... and stay healthy.