Saturday, July 7, 2012

"The Gluten Glitch" Has Been Embraced by Colorado Community!

I Eat Different's new book The Gluten Glitch has had a wonderful debut in our home State of Colorado!  A big thank you goes out to the independent book stores that have decided to share Gideon's gluten-free story with their readers.

The newest gluten-free kid's book is available at these fine Colorado book stores:

Tattered Cover Book Store - Denver, CO
Boulder Book Store - Boulder,CO
Anthology Book Company - Loveland, CO
Old Firehouse Books - Fort Collins, CO
Off The Beaten Path - Steamboat Springs, CO


  1. Congratulations on your book! As a mom of a daughter who has allergies to soy, and all nuts (scary!), and who is allergic myself to soy, chickpeas, hazelnuts and has Celiac disease, I applaud your efforts. My daughter is a teenager, and she struggles still with her friends who kid around that all she can eat is "dirt". I'm out in NH, but I wondered if I couldn't order and pay for one of those fantastic "I Eat Gluten Free" bracelets. I have tiny wrists, and the green Gluten Free ones that you can get for adults that are "Livestrong" sized are too big for me. I would be proud to wear yours. You could contact me at and we could work something out perhaps? Thanks so much! I am going to purchase your book so I can share it with my nieces when they are older so they can understand why we bake different at Aunt B's house.

    1. Thank you so much! I just emailed you and hopefully we'll be sending some bracelets and bookmarks your way. Thanks for supporting the book! I know how you feel about your daughter's friends. When the boys were toddler/preschool it wasn't so bad, since the kids didn't notice so much. But now in elementary school... it's a whole new ball game! I tip my hat to your daughter... kids who eat differently are brave!