Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year... Although bittersweet

First of all, my condolences to the family of Ammaria Johnson. This is indeed a horrible tragedy. This little girl, with undiagnosed allergy, died from eating a peanut. For those of you food allergy warrior parents out there, a peanut allergy is a very scary and serious matter. After reading this article, I have called my pediatric allergist and had him issue a prescription for an EpiPen Jr for my 7 year old. You see, his allergy is actually very mild... so why have I now required an EpiPen? Let me explain, that a peanut allergy or should I say the symptoms are very inconsistent, almost unpredictable, and of all allergies, I truly believe that this one is the worst. You can eat a peanut one time and have just mild rashes, and then the next time, you may stop breathing.

So even though my son has a mild peanut allergy, according to blood tests, I now want him to have an EpiPen. So in that moment, when there needs to be a decision made... there will be action, and that action is to save a life.

To school nurses, teachers, and parents... the EpiPen is like a defibrillator, or like CPR... it should be used no questions asked.

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